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The Power of Leave-Behinds: How You Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Internal Print Materials

When so many aspects of commerce are corralled online, the importance of physical marketing materials can sometimes be overlooked.

However, leave-behinds — printed materials left with potential clients after meetings or events — remain a powerful tool in a business’s marketing arsenal. These tangible assets can leave a lasting impression, reinforce your message and serve as a reminder of your brand long after your initial interaction. Also, with QR codes or contact information included on leave-behinds, you create another pathway for recipients to connect with your digital presence.

Here, we’ll explore the different types of leave-behinds, their strategic uses, effective messaging tips and how DOJO Creative can help you produce impactful print materials.

Why Use Leave-Behinds?

Leave-behinds are valuable for several reasons:

  • Memorability: Physical items are tangible and can be revisited, making your brand more memorable.
  • Professionalism: High-quality print materials convey professionalism, attention to detail and forethought to your prospective clients.
  • Engagement: They provide an opportunity for deeper engagement with your brand and message.
  • Differentiation: Distinct, well-designed leave-behinds can help differentiate your business from competitors.

Types of Leave-Behinds and Their Uses

Brochures and Booklets

These are ideal for providing detailed information about your products or services. Be sure to highlight key features, benefits, contact information and case studies. Use high-quality images and compelling copy to engage the reader.

Business Cards

Business cards are still essential for networking events and initial meetings. Include your name, position, contact information and, if space allows, a brief tagline or CTA (call to action). QR codes, which many of our clients request, provide a simple way to store all contact information in an easy-to-scan graphic.

Flyers and Postcards

Keeping messaging concise and visually appealing, flyers and postcards are perfect for promotions, timely offers or event announcements, placing the message squarely in front of your audience’s face or at their doorstep. Focus on a single message or offer with a clear CTA.

Fact Sheets and Product Sheets

A summarized fact sheet or product sheet can be useful during trade shows or technical sales meetings. Provide detailed specifications, benefits and competitive advantages. Ensure the layout is easy to read and scan.

Custom-Branded Merchandise

Properly branded pens, pencils, t-shirts, hats, buttons, fidget spinners and more can leave a lasting impression at events or as thank-you gifts. Include your logo, and, if possible, contact information. Slogans and other graphics can also be included on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to choose items that are useful and relevant to your audience.

Crafting Effective Messaging for Leave-Behinds

To maximize the impact of your leave-behinds, consider these tips for effective messaging:

Know Your Audience

Tailor your message to address the specific needs and interests of your target audience. Focus on what sets you apart from competitors.

Keep It Clear and Concise

Avoid jargon or wordy language. Use bullet points and headings to enhance readability. Make it easy for potential clients to reach you by including contact information.

Highlight Benefits

Focus on the benefits of your product or service offers, rather than just features.

Include a CTA

Encourage to recipient to take the next step, whether it’s visiting your website, contacting you or attending an event.

Incorporate Visuals

Use high-quality images and graphics to make your materials visually appealing and recognizable.

Consistency is Key

 Ensure your branding is consistent across all materials; this includes logos, colors, fonts and overall design style.

How DOJO Creative Can Help

At DOJO Creative, we regularly craft high-quality leave-behinds to enhance our clients’ marketing strategies, applying decades of shared experience in understanding what works and what doesn’t in print marketing. From concept to delivery, we provide ongoing support and communication to ensure your satisfaction.

As a full-service creative agency specializing in branding, web and marketing, we offer comprehensive services to make certain your print materials are effective and professional.

  • Copywriting: Our staff can craft compelling, persuasive content geared toward your audience.
  • Design: Our designers will create visually appealing materials that reflect your brand identity in a modern way.
  • Printing: We partner with high-quality printers to bring your leave-behinds to life.

Connect with DOJO Creative partner Doug Elder today at 574-276-4998 or to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help in boosting your marketing game!