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DOJO Creative Celebrates 5 Years of Serving Clients

This week marks five years in business at DOJO Creative. What an incredible journey this has been for us. 

At the time we started, this was of one of the boldest things we had ever done. However, partner Josh Harmon and I knew we were capable as experts in the field, sharing more than 50 years in advertising, marketing and design experience. 

Starting a business and putting it all on the line to go it alone was new to us. It came at a very challenging time, morally, knowing we needed to care for our clients who we had cultivated deep relationships with — and they needed our help. 

We took off and have never looked back, forging a high-powered partnership operating alongside a great staff. We’re both now 44-year-old single dads, horrible golfers and huge Chicago Bears fans. 

Our personalities contrast yet culminate into a holistic, super-charged approach and product for our clients. Josh is patient, methodical, meticulous and the best designer and programmer I have ever worked with in my career. Conversely, I’m red-lining at 100 miles an hour, stewarding relationships, completing service work and generating new opportunities with solutions that custom fit any client, big or small.

Augmenting our capabilities is the second half of the A-Team: Geoff Lesar, one of the smoothest content writers I have ever worked with, and Mark Wolfe, who handles the control board and keeps the wheels moving with production management, offering four decades of project-based experience and knowledge.

Together, we form like Voltron, but we would be nowhere without our clients. 

They allow us to create on their behalf while helping them advance toward their goals. The friendships we’ve grown — based on trust, understanding and a straight-forward, honest approach — are priceless. 

We’re working on several new and exciting offerings and continue to put out a great product at a competitive price. 

Thank you to all of our amazing clients and those who believed in DOJO Creative, rooting for us along the way. Here’s to five (or 15) more years! 

With gratitude,

Doug Elder