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What is a bulk email marketing campaign?

With more digital marketing options available than ever before, email continues to rank high as a reliable method for reaching audiences.

Airlines pushing discounted flights through subject-line deals, those Groupon bundle announcements, Ticketmaster releasing tour dates — all can be examples of bulk email marketing, with subscribers typically gained by their opting in. Though social media is somewhat reliant on users opting in through likes and follows, providing an email address is more of a commitment by the receiver, now a potential customer seeking direct communication from the business.


Successful bulk email marketing campaigns should provide value to the receiver in bite-size portions. Rather than bog recipients down with unrelated content or a barrage of info, the email’s content should be lean and efficient.

Visuals are compelling, though it’s easy to go overboard. Bulk emails should have limited images, especially as the majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices, where screen space is more restricted.


GIFs, live content and dynamic content (think recommendations or suggested content) that changes by user data and characteristics can help augment the potency of an email campaign. A call to action and snappy subject line should also be considered, compelling receivers to open the email.


Through automation programs, businesses can tailor bulk email campaigns to the individual or a specific group, offering a level of personalization unavailable through social media. Email automation programs can also produce detailed metrics and statistics such as bounce rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate and more.

Running A/B tests for emails by sending one variation of an email to one subset of subscribers and a second variation to another subset can help businesses better understand which approach works best. This type of connectivity and attention to audience needs also translates into greater returns.


According to email marketing firm Litmus, on average, email campaigns generate a $36 ROI for every dollar spent on marketing; that ratio is unrivaled by any other form of marketing, digital or otherwise. In 2021, choosing where to place marketing dollars has become even more critical; a March report from management consulting giant McKinsey shows company marketing budgets have been gutted, with 6 of 10 marketers reporting major cuts.

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