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Why hire a graphic designer?

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Your computer has hundreds of fonts of diverse styles, you have a state-of-the-art printer and you’ve created numerous fliers that have impressed co-workers. With so many marketing materials at your fingertips, why hire a graphic designer? Because do-it-yourself may work when it comes to minor home projects, it is not good enough when it comes to the future of your business.

The same marketing materials are available to your competitors. Hiring a graphic designer is key to setting your business apart and to ensure you have a distinctive, memorable brand. It also avoids marketing materials that are dull and lifeless. Hiring a graphic designer will increase your business, improve your market position, build a stronger identity and boost customer loyalty.

Here are eight reasons why you should hire a graphic designer:

  1. Hiring a graphic designer will make your small business stand out. Eye-catching designs provide a big edge in competitive environments, especially when it comes to that all-important first impression. If your brand looks amateurish, customers will keep looking. Hiring a graphic designer makes your brand unique and memorable and ensures a compelling, professional look. Investing in a graphic designer’s artistic skill and technical knowledge is worth it! 
  2. Hiring a graphic designer will help you identify goals. A graphic designer will learn about your company, identify your style and brainstorm with you to create attainable goals. A graphic designer will work backward from those goals, creating bite-sized action steps. A graphic designer will then execute the plan, get results and make your company look like a rock star.
  3. Hiring a graphic designer provides you with new ideas and fresh perspectives. A graphic designer knows how to design a comprehensive, cohesive and coherent plan through visuals and messaging that won’t leave customers confused or disappointed. Hiring a graphic designer gives your brand a distinct flavor and sets you apart.
  4. Hiring a graphic designer saves you time. As the old saying goes, time is money. Trial-and-error using clip art and stock photos is not the best way to try to come up with a design. The time you save by hiring a graphic designer can be used to take care of other vital aspects of your business that can earn you money. 
  5. Hiring a graphic designer guarantees you have a design with staying power. A poor design will send you back to the drawing board over and over and cost more in the long run. Strong design stands the test of time.
  6. Hiring a graphic designer will help ensure your message is consistent across all marketing platforms. Using different logos, different fonts and different messaging between websites and print materials looks unprofessional and can confuse customers. Graphic designers mind their p’s and q’s and pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure consistent messaging for the best brand awareness.
  7. Hiring a graphic designer will ensure you don’t waste hours troubleshooting. People who do their own designs frequently run into unexpected problems, such as improperly sizing images, selecting the wrong pixel size or the orientation not matching on both sides when using two-sided printing. Graphic designers know how to prepare files for print and all kinds of screens, saving time and avoiding frustrating delays. A graphic designer also knows the most cost-effective means of getting the job done and avoiding costly mistakes.
  8. Hiring a graphic designer will ensure that your website meets best practices and attracts leads that mean more business. Graphic designers make sure that potential customers are compelled to click the button to learn more about your business. They also make sure your site creates a long-lasting impression.

The Dojo Creative design team knows how to work with you to find the best way to communicate your brand, so you’ll put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd. That is why you should hire a graphic designer.