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What Marketers Should Know About Geofencing Changes for iPhone Users

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In digital advertising, geofencing has emerged as key technology, particularly when paired with social media apps and display ads. At DOJO Creative, we specialize in leveraging its power to offer our clients the newest features of targeted advertising for their campaigns.

However, recent changes to Apple iPhone features have also altered the approach of marketers aiming to reach users of the popular device. Let’s explore geofencing and break down what you should know in 2024.

Understanding Geofencing: The Digital Boundary Setter

Geofencing is a location-based service that triggers an action when a device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence. It allows for the delivery of targeted advertising content to consumers based on their real-world behavior and location. In essence, it turns a location into a powerful marketing opportunity, available on such platforms as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, X, Yelp and more.

Apple’s Privacy Update and Its Implications

Apple’s 2021 privacy update marked a significant shift in geofencing on iPhones. The iOS update requires users to opt-in manually for finite geotargeting, respecting user privacy and granting them greater control over their location data.

Nationally, roughly 61% of U.S. cellphone users own iPhones; with less than 20% of users enabling this feature, the changes have affected the depth of geofencing campaigns. The once hyper-specific targeting capabilities have been reduced, limiting advertisers to geotarget within a 1-mile radius.

The Power of Geofencing and Display Ads Combined

In this new era, where pinpoint accuracy is less feasible, the fusion of geofencing with display ads becomes more necessary. While geofencing creates a digital perimeter, drawing in potential customers within a vicinity, display ads cast a wider net. They ensure visibility across the web, capturing the attention of those who may not have opted in for location-based services or are beyond the reach of geofencing.

This strategic blend allows for multiple touchpoints — customers within the geofence might receive timely and relevant ads about a nearby store or event, while display ads reinforce the message, increasing brand recognition and reach. By combining geofencing with compelling display ads, the effectiveness of targeted campaigns can rise significantly, creating a balance between precision and extensive coverage.

DOJO Creative’s Role in Refining Your Geofencing Strategy

In the wake of these geofencing changes, DOJO Creative is here to guide clients through the evolving landscape of digital marketing. We help clients navigate the nuances of geofencing with the creation and application of display ads, ensuring your ads resonate with your target audience.

By leveraging our expertise, DOJO Creative clients can capitalize on these trending technologies with customers effectively, even amid shifting digital trends and consumer preference.

Have a question about your next advertising campaign? Connect with DOJO Creative partner Doug Elder today at 574-276-4998 or doug@letsgodojo.com to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services!