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And So It Begins…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be lying on your deathbed, looking back on a life and thinking “I wonder what life would have been like if I would have went out on my own and started a company? A company that embodies all of my values of hard work and high expectations.”

“What would have happened if I wouldn’t have played it safe and stayed working for someone else…” Well, we won’t have to worry about that, because we are doing it.

Welcome to DOJO Creative. We are full service design, marketing and advertising firm with a strong focus on high-end design, web development and great customer service. We cater to our clients needs with phenomenal solutions that, will once they see your new logo, website or marketing piece, will have people saying “Damn, that’s sharp!  Who did that for you?” Creating sleek, sexy marketing pieces and strategic campaigns that cater to your needs and produce great results.

Building long deep relationships with our clients is our mission.

DOJO Creative was founded by Douglas Elder and Josh Harmon, who together have over 40 years experience in this crazy business. Doug and Josh have worked together for the past 7 years and successfully completed over 500 customer projects including website redesigns, branding, logos, corporate identity, public relations and more. They recently left another local agency and founded DOJO.  Both Doug and Josh share an eye for design, enjoy building solid client relationships, and have a proven track record of solving problems and creating great work for clients. Doug Elder has worked for some of America’s best ad agencies, with nationals clients.  Having worked in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara as a designer and then as an account executive, he now calls the Michiana area his home after moving back from California with his son and two dogs, Frank and Otis.  Josh Harmon’s experience spans over the past 20 years as well.  He started out while still in high school with an advertising internship, working for an aftermarket parts distributor, then moved to working in-house with Martin’s Supermarkets and then finally spending the past 10 years with another local agency.

Together they are the owners, founders and even sometimes toilet cleaners at DOJO Creative.