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Gain Peace of Mind with a DOJO Creative Service Contract

A service contract from DOJO Creative takes the guesswork out of partnering with a web development team. 

When clients enter into a service contract, they can be sure they’ll receive guaranteed, discounted monthly work (typically 4-5 hours) for 12 months from the start of the contract. DOJO staff will communicate with clients to determine their needs ahead of time and then plan out areas of focus during each month’s contracted period, following up once work is completed. 

Need us to install a new chat function or make changes to your e-commerce pages and their functionality? Could an extra mind and set of hands help with content creation, newsletter drafting or print material design? Maybe there’s a digital demand that’s beyond your company’s capability. You relay a need, and we devise the solution within your allotted monthly time.

This proactive approach could include general web maintenance such as content updates, security patches and bug fixes/troubleshooting; web design edits including graphics, color scheme changes and branding; added features or plugins; blog and newsletter creation; brochure design and more. Clients are welcome to cancel service contracts at any time, and unused hours are able to rollover into the following month.

How Are Service Contracts Helpful?

This type of contractual arrangement is especially helpful for clients who want to ensure their websites are routinely managed and maintained. With e-commerce sites, for example, there may be extensive upkeep and troubleshooting required due to larger page counts — this is where service contracts become very helpful. 

Service contracts provide added value as they offer insurance-minded assistance as needed on an ongoing basis as opposed to paying one-off fees for individual services. With DOJO covering clients’ backs, clients can operate more confidently knowing their projects are prioritized in our workflow and their website will remain in peak condition throughout the 12-month period.

By entering into a service contract with DOJO Creative, you’ll gain access to a resource at the ready. The benefit of this process is you won’t have to worry about researching solutions or spending time trying to figure out problems your website might encounter; instead, you know help is a phone call or email away if something goes awry or requires attention. By setting up a service contract with DOJO Creative, you’re getting more than just simple maintenance; you’re receiving assurance that any unforeseen issues will be remedied swiftly and efficiently.

Service contracts provide peace of mind for those who need help managing their website or marketing materials but don’t want to pay on-demand rates or put themselves in situations where they’re missing important updates or fixes because of limited resources. With this type of agreement in place, clients gain DOJO’s commitment that their project will consistently receive attention.

Contact Us Today

Of course, finding the right fit is critical when considering a service contract so it is important to communicate regularly with DOJO staff in order to evaluate what needs are best suited for your website and business goals. By choosing a service contract from DOJO Creative, you’re investing in long-term stability and security for your web presence — something that could pay dividends over time.

Overall, DOJO Creative’s service contracts provide clients with reliable assistance while offering greater control over cost and budgeting considerations than other solutions available on the market. It’s an effective way for businesses to make sure their website remains in top condition without any surprises along the way. Contact us today to learn more about service contracts and how DOJO Creative can help!