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What is the Difference Between Web Design and Development? – 2021

Web design and development represent two separate, yet interdependent phases in the process of building a custom website. The design comes before development, serving to lay a visual blueprint for developers to digitally construct. When looking for a company to build your website it is important to understand the process taking place during these phases.  […]

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WordPress for Dummies 2021 Guide – Why is My Website Slow?

If your WordPress website is running slow, this is your 2021 WordPress for dummies guide to what might be wrong. Site loading speed is directly connected with bounce rate, so the slower your website, the more users leave before interacting with content. Consequently, search engines prioritize content with a low bounce rate, so a slow […]

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How To Build A WordPress Website: How Does WordPress Work?

If you’re wondering how to build a WordPress website, there are a few fundamentals to become familiar with, first. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System or CMS in the world – and before you know it you will have a custom-built professional website that you can edit to your heart’s content. But, before […]

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