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Our Tech Audit: The First Step Toward Site Maintenance, Upgrades & Redesign

Site progress starts with identifying functionality and pain points.

At DOJO Creative, we take time upfront to conduct an extensive tech audit prior to launching any project related to website maintenance or redesign initiatives.

A tech audit is an extensive analysis of all aspects of a website’s function, including user experience, search engine optimization, usability, accessibility and more. Our experts will also look for any weaknesses in the current system that could potentially compromise the security of the website or lead to data loss. They’ll check for any third-party plugins or scripts that need updating or replacing and zero in on other areas where improvements need to be made.

This initial step of our creative process provides us with key insights regarding technological requirements of a client’s site and helps us better understand customer behavior patterns; this is essential when determining how to best serve our clients’ needs while setting them up for long-term success. It also aids in uncovering hidden issues which may prove troublesome for clients down the road.

How It Works

During an audit, we’ll look to see if a site is already running on a content management system (WordPress, HubSpot, Drupal, etc.). We’ll evaluate its current state with your input and determine whether it requires an update or migration, offering recommendations that are best suited for your site demands.

Does your site employ an e-commerce component? If so, we may also analyze other platforms attached to e-commerce functionality, such as the payment and shipping process, inventory tracking systems and more.

In addition to assessing existing site technology and features, we listen. No one knows your product or service better than you.

How is your site meeting expectations? What is working well? Which aspects could operate better?

We’ll look into if clients have any interactive features such as newsletter signups, chat functions, calendars — anything that encourages customer interaction. Accounting for site capabilities and your business needs, we’ll share suggestions to boost conversions and drive organic traffic.


Technology audits provide businesses with valuable insights into how their website functions across different browsers and devices as well as how efficiently everything runs together behind the scenes. Having this information up front before beginning any kind of upgrade or overhaul project can save time, money and effort for the DOJO Creative team and our clients.

Additionally, such knowledge can be used to develop marketing strategies based on actual data rather than guesswork, meaning businesses have a much greater chance of successfully targeting their customers and driving sales through their websites. Understanding what users like or don’t like about their current site can help inform decisions regarding design, development and content creation during later stages of our process; this ensures every aspect of the result lives up to client expectations while providing site visitors with an enjoyable experience.

Is your site feeling outdated? Have a concept or question stirring in your head but you’re not sure where to start? We want to hear about it.

Contact DOJO Creative partner Doug Elder today at 574-276-4998 or doug@letsgodojo.com to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services!