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What do you mean by curated content?

Playlists, galleries, museums and social media feeds all share a common trait: someone somewhere is selecting what audiences consume.

Curated content is the collection and presentation of material created by others, often related to a specific topic or niche interest of value to consumers, in turn providing value to the disseminator. Such media can include blogs, articles, lists, podcasts, books, photos, newsletters, videos, interviews and more.

For businesses, the sharing of curated content enhances online presence and shows audiences their best interests are in mind. Think of a summer mix CD, a Sharpie’d track list covering one side, chosen by a best friend who understands the recipient’s tastes and wants them to hear the standout tracks. Businesses should apply that same attention to audience likes and needs when deciding which content to share.

In constructing a content marketing calendar, curated content assists by filling gaps between the publishing of original material and reduces the cost of in-house production; this balanced offering of content spread across multiple channels diversifies and expands audience reach. At this stage, it’s essential to outline a clear goal, determining purpose and a pathway.

Prior to sharing content, fact-checking can help mitigate the spread of misinformation. Earning and maintaining an audience’s trust is key, and a short path to damaging a relationship could stem from hasty publication without review. Linking to dubious or controversial sources without vetting can potentially damage a brand or business’s reputation; check twice before posting once.

Curated content can establish the sharer as a thought leader. People are “following,” “connected,” “friends” — whatever the term — for a reason. They’re often looking for an outlet’s perspective. Curated content helps consumers better realize a business or person’s position, establishing a more relatable connection between sender and receiver. This also creates an association between the curating outlet and original source in the audience’s mind. Keep topics relevant and varied, considering several viewpoints during curation, and be sure to categorize content, if possible.

When sharing content, consistency in key; leads can be lost and audience interests wane when an account goes dark or doesn’t keep to a reliable, semi-regular schedule. Maintain deliberate post frequency and be sure to link to the original account or creator too. Doing so is good practice in any field and furthers connectivity. Consider posing a call to action or question alongside curated content to initiate dialog and boost traffic as well.

Following publication, it’s essential to track engagement through a variety of metrics and adapt. Page views, visitor/follower counts and reposts are all valuable reflections of reach to weigh. Assessing the efficacy of curated content can highlight shortcomings and inform new strategies for catering to audiences.

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