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Website Visitor Tracking and Analyzing Contents ROI

Determining the value of content on your website means website visitor tracking and analysis. If you focus on the direct revenue that comes from your inbound leads, you don’t see the entire picture. Track the ROI of web content by analyzing the concentric levels of the content marketing funnel.  Learn how website visitor tracking is […]

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Website Digital Design Process 2020: Key Elements of Web Design

The digital design phase is the most important phase of website development because it sets-forth a plan for the coding phase. The website design phase is like working with an architect on the blueprint of your house. The design phase culminates with your approval on a design, which becomes the framework for constructing your website. […]

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What is Content Creation and Why Content is Vital to Your Business

Content is any piece of information or media that users engage with on the internet. Your business’s online presence hinges on the content which you produce, and the value it provides to your audience. Therein lies the crux of content creation.  Learn why digital content creation is vital to growing and maintaining your online presence. […]

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